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Action-Based Learning

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Experiential learning at its best.  "Action-Based Learning" refers to all those seminars which do not fit neatly into the traditional seminar format.  The focus here is on group activities that deliver educational content in an engaging and entertaining manner.  These seminars are not confined to generic seminar rooms, powerpoint presentations, or countless flip charts.  Instead, these are "roll-up your sleeves, hands-on and get active", corporate events, offered at unique locations. 


I work with you to develop a format that will meet your needs and expectations.  Depending on the topic, I conduct these events alone or in partnership with others.  Below please find three examples of successful Action-Based Learning formats.

A Taste of History - A Teambuilding Seminar Series (1/2 Day)


What better way to bring a team closer together than to share the experience of cooking and dining together? 


In my seminar series, A Taste of History, participants are introduced to a particular era in food history.  They are briefly familiarized with the culture and politics of the times before engaging in a guided cooking session of historical dishes using authentic period recipes and rare ingredients.  The seminar closes with a banquet where participants can enjoy the fruits of their labor, toast their efforts and celebrate a unique teaming experience. 


Leadership and Teambuilding lessons are explored and discussed through the analogy of cooking a complex meal, with many courses, vague instructions (ancient recipes), and time pressure.  Workflow planning, time management, and communication skills are observed.


Maestro Workshop - Offered through Podium Innovative Talent Development (1 to 2 Days)


The Podium “Maestro” Workshop is a truly innovative talent development experience. Participants are introduced to established learning tools and methodologies for personal and professional development within the context of the extraordinary experience of learning to conduct an orchestra of professional musicians. No previous musical training is required.


The analogy of the conductor as a leader and the orchestra as a team is powerful and compelling. Working with the orchestra, allows Participants to experience their leadership capacities in a new and inspiring context, and see first-hand and in real-time how their emotional awareness/competence, values, creativity, communication skills, thinking preferences, and body language affect the results that their “team” delivers.


The content-rich process can be tailored to achieve objectives such as Enhanced Personal Performance, Inspired Leadership, or Team Building. Workshops can be delivered with one of a number of complementary methodologies in a two-day format, or solely with the orchestra for an impactful one-day personal and professional development experience.

SongDivision - Unite around your purpose using music (15 min. - Multi-day) - Offered through SongDivision


Since 2003, SongDivision has been a global pioneer of interactive musical experiences for the meetings and events industry. SongDivision helps leading companies worldwide to communicate their purpose and core values using an array of music-fueled services encompassing team building & incentives, conference openers & closers, and corporate entertainment.


The engaging programs are led by world-class musicians who have worked with top artists such as Prince, David Bowie, Drake, Florence & the Machine and more. SongDivision’s innovative programs are founded on scientific principles of music related to happiness, memory, and relationship development. Using these principles, we work with groups of up to 10,000 to educate, entertain and unite attendees around core messaging using music.

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