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Seminar Topics

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Leading People:


Leading People

(1 to 2 days)


Regardless if participants are new to a leadership role or look back on many years in top management, all benefit from taking a fresh look at their approach to leading others.  This seminar presents popular leadership theories, reviews them critically and contrasts these approaches to the participants’ own experience and needs.  By way of guided self-reflection, group exercises, case studies, and feedback loops, personal leadership strengths and weaknesses are made evident, personal values are identified and the participant’s unique leadership style is strengthened.



Leadership Through People Skills ®

(2 to 3 days)


This intense seminar features a mix of discussions, role-plays, and team-coaching. Participants learn to recognize and decode the behaviors they observe in others and understand the needs that drive them. In roleplays, participants practice to communicate in a way that addresses the needs of the people they are trying to lead and so motivate them towards a more goal-oriented behavior. The roleplays use the participants' real-life cases making the experience highly customized, personally relevant, and immediately applicable to their current situation.


Leadership Boot Camp (4 to 5 days)


This three-part series provides an opportunity for participants to explore their leadership abilities in an in-depth manner.  The modules in this seminar series build knowledge and skills incrementally using as their basis the individual’s personal profile of leadership strengths and weaknesses.  The result is a very personalized training experience. 

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Communicating Effectively:


What do you mean, what do I mean?      Communicating Effectively (1 to 2 days)


How often does our message really reach the listener with its intended meaning intact? This seminar sensitizes participants to the complexity of the communication process and the psychological aspects that act as filters and barriers to message transfer.  Communication barriers such as language barriers, time and distance, prejudices, and cultural misunderstandings are examined. Methods to reduce the influence of these barriers are presented and practiced. 


The Art of the Haggle – Negotiation   Skills (1 to 2 Days)


This seminar helps participants develop their negotiation skills and techniques.  Two basic approaches to negotiations are explored: 1. Distributive Bargaining, a competing, sometimes adversarial framework and 2. Integrative Bargaining approaches such as Harvard’s Principled Negotiations, requiring the parties to jointly develop a win-win resolution by focusing on the interests, rather than the positions.


Present Like a Pro (2 to 3 days)


This highly interactive seminar helps participants gain confidence as speakers and presenters regardless if they present to clients or the management board, participate in podium discussions, lead seminars and workshops or lecture.  The key components of every presentation are explored (body language, content, tone). Topics include: structuring presentations, creating a narrative, dealing with stage fright, fielding audience questions, and the effective use of presentation tools.


Once Upon a Time - The Craft of Storytelling (1 Day)


This workshop teaches participants to use stories to convey their message, regardless if they are trying to close a sale, create brand awareness, raise funds or inspire people.  It acquaints participants with the mechanics of storytelling and shows them how to construct compelling narratives.  Participants learn to transform dry professional messages into emotionally engaging experiences that inspire people to action.

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Managing Change:


Experience, Manage and Lead Change (1 to 2 days)


This seminar presents models and methods to better understand and manage change projects.  Participants explore which forces drive or restrain change and how to influence these. The physical and psychological effects of change on the individual are explored.  The seminar has a workshop character in that participants can work on an actual change initiative currently impacting their work routine. 


Business Modelling with the Business Model Canvas (2 days)


This seminar familiarizes participants with the concepts of business models and introduces the Business Model Canvas through direct application to their current business cases. At the end of the seminar, participants understand the interrelated nature of the nine key components of any business model. This seminar has a workshop character, providing participants the opportunity to develop or refine their own business models.

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