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Executive Coaching

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The objective of my coaching sessions is to help my clients finally overcome enduring barriers to their professional growth and well-being.  My goal is to promote self-awareness so that they can build on their strengths and better manage their weaknesses.  I have worked with top managers to help them communicate their vision more effectively, I have coached young professionals fearful of presenting, and have helped entrepreneurs move their projects forward.  I help people find new confidence and (re-) ignite their spark. 

Logistics & Fees:


  • Physical Location: The location for in-person coaching sessions depends on your preferences. Your workplace or home address, my home office, or a rented office space in or near Vienna, are all possibilities.

  • Skype Alternative: I also offer coaching over Skype.  Naturally in-person sessions are best but if this is not an option (given your busy schedule or the fact that you live far outside Vienna), this is a good alternative.

  • Fees: please inquire via email or phone call.

  • Timing: I try to work around your busy schedule.  Sessions can be split up however they best fit you although no single session should be less than one hour.

Sample Offers:


   0. Needs assessment: First 1/2 - 1 hour (a needs assessment to plan your personalized coaching package) is free of charge.

  1. Emergency Session: 3 hours (e.g. to get immediate assistance with a particularly pressing issue).

  2. Intensive Training: one day - 8 hours (e.g. to prepare for an upcoming event)

  3. Ongoing Coaching: weekly 1-2 hour sessions (e.g. for continuous development)

Coaching topics include:

Leading People

Your Need:  You are in a leadership role for the first time and want to gain confidence? You look back on years as a leader but would like to shed ineffective but well-worn patterns of leadership behavior? You would like to take inventory of your leadership style and see how it compares to best practice?


My offer (depending on individual preferences and needs): Learn about leading models and approaches to leadership.  Be able to read different behaviors of people you interact with and learn to decipher the needs that drive them.  Learn to motivate and inspire.  Practice conducting difficult work-place conversations.  Become better at managing upwards (i.e., influencing your superiors).  Discover your own style of leadership and build it into an effective tool to make your voice heard and your vision followed. 


It’s tailor-made coaching: Your business cases, your style, your vision.


Present Like A Pro


Your Need:  You want to become a more confident and skilled presenter/speaker (e.g. customer presentations, board room presentations, lectures, seminars, panel discussions, dissertation defense etc.). You want your presentations to be clear, sharp and impactful.  You want to see presenting as an exciting opportunity to shine, not a dreaded task to run from.


My offer (depending on individual preferences and needs): Learn to understand your audience’s expectations and preparing accordingly.  Find the style of presenting that fits you and works on your strengths. Learn to structure your presentation clearly and logically to fulfill different objectives (e.g. to sell, to persuade, to inform).  Gain an overview of different media (flip charts, whiteboard, pin walls, ...) and how to best utilize them.  Become more proficient in PowerPoint and the use of data in presentations.  Finally, gain control over your stage fright.  Use video analysis will help you see yourself as others see you.


It’s tailor-made coaching: I work with your content, your slides, and of course, you as a speaker. 


Business English Coaching


Your Need:  You wish to gain self-confidence when conducting business in English.  You need to prepare for an upcoming event that requires you to speak in a language that is not your mother tongue (e.g. a presentation, a podiums discussion, a negotiation, etc.).  You need someone to help you proofread a report or presentation.  You want your vocabulary to grow.


My offer (depending on individual preferences and needs): Practice different conversations through role-playing (e.g. conversation at work, conducting a meeting, telephone conversations, etc.). Sharpen your reading comprehension of professional journal articles, business reports, etc. Build your (industry-specific) vocabulary and practice your pronunciation.  Proofread your work together, edit it and improve your grammar.


It’s tailor-made coaching: your material, your business cases, your voice.

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